I continually get questions on why do I need ComTech to manage our firewall?  So, I decided to write this to inform everyone about firewalls and why they should always be managed.

There are two types of firewalls: software and hardware firewalls.  Your router functions as a hardware firewall, while Windows and Mac’s include a software firewall.

What is a Firewall?

A firewall plays a critical role in keeping your network and computers safe from outside threats.

My Computer Comes with a Firewall that’s all I need?

While Software firewalls will help protect your local workstation it does not protect the rest of your network from outside intrusion.  Printers, Scanners, IP Cameras, and any other smart technology (i.e. Google – Home, Amazon Alexa) need to be protected from the outside world and since your local computer inherently trusts other devices on your own network a hacker can hack into your printer and now can get full control of your desktop and your software firewall cannot stop this.

My ISP gave me a router and they said it comes with a firewall.

While the router that comes with your broadband internet can be called a firewall as it filters traffic from the outside coming into your network it cannot stop smarter hackers.  Your ISP updates there equipment maybe once a year, if ever.  As fast as viruses and new hacking tools are created your firewall needs to be updated more often.

The big reason your ISP does not update that often because they do not want to send out an update that will stop your service. So, their opinion is use our router as a firewall at your own risk.

I bought a firewall from a local store

Many times, these devices are basically glorified NAT boxes – equipment that assigns private internal-only IPs to computers and devices on the network, which help mitigate outside traffic breaking in, but not much else. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many situations where a company has a relatively strong firewall installed, but many of the protective features are either not turned on or set incorrectly.

These devices are great for home users as they are easy to setup and they are designed to “set it and forget it”. But firewalls are not supposed to be passively monitored. With the increased issues related to connected devices such as phones, personal laptops and tablets, firewalls from your local store isn’t enough to protect your company against advanced threats.

Why have my Firewall Managed by ComTech?

Firewall management is an ongoing process that requires IT security expertise, because having an improperly configured firewall is like not having a firewall at all.  With business introducing new technology and processes over time, continued monitoring and management is critical.

All Technology additions and updates are independently evaluated, and firewall settings adjusted as needed, to minimize the impact on the business’s security posture as well as its state of compliance

Firewall rules are regularly reviewed and actively updated according to the latest cyber security threats.  Remember, firewalls are not a “set it and forget it” appliances!

Dedicated, ongoing monitoring and management maximizes system processes and uptime while actively defending websites, applications, databases, servers, desktops, and other endpoints.

“Through 2020, more than 99% percent of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations, not firewall flaws.” – Gartner Report

Total Security

Remember Firewalls are only one piece of a secure network, Contact ComTech Computer Services, Inc. today to have us evaluate your network for security and compliance for your Central Texas Business’s.