Many gadgets we use daily wouldn't exist without the help of Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Emerging security issues can threaten how we use these devices and impact your business operations. This helpful guide explains the importance of securing IoT devices to protect your business from cyber threats. 

What Are Internet of Things Devices?

In simple terms, devices that fall under the internet of things category play one of three key roles:

  • Connecting devices to the applications that use them
  • Collecting data from devices
  • Helping power a device

The increasing number of gadgets with internet connectivity helps businesses streamline their operations. These smart devices can automate certain processes and reduce labor costs to make your business more effective and profitable. However, a greater security risk comes when you ignore basic protective measures for all your IoT devices. 

The Importance of Keeping IoT Devices Secure in the Workplace

While the internet of things technology stack can improve your business's operations, it can also cause significant problems if you don't follow security measures. Cybersecurity experts recommend going above and beyond to keep your devices secure for the following reasons.

Every Device Poses Several Security Risks

With so many devices powering your business, you can easily overlook important security measures. This can have dire consequences since every connected IoT gadget provides multiple entry points for hackers. Certain misconfigurations or device vulnerabilities allow threat actors to infiltrate the system and disrupt your operations. 

Your Entire Network Can Be Compromised

Think of how many gadgets you connect to your network—computers, smartphones, motion sensors, and more all fit into your IT infrastructure. If hackers infiltrate one device, they can soon compromise others within the network. 

This scenario can become incredibly damaging since malicious activity starts small and then quickly escalates. Cybercriminals can target your business through certain gadgets you'd never think need security measures. 

How To Keep Your Network Safe From Threats

How can you protect your business from such dangerous threats? Experts suggest regularly testing your devices to check for signs of compromise and patching any new vulnerabilities. Practice standard cybersecurity measures, including:

  • Setting strong, unique passwords for all network devices
  • Using multi-factor authentication to limit hackers
  • Disconnecting devices when not in use
  • Frequently updating software and performing data backups

Until a patch is available, you can also implement what's known as compensating security controls. These auditor-approved measures help reduce your risk of a cyber attack while patches or new systems undergo development. By taking these measures, you can protect every IoT device in your workplace and your network as a whole. 

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