Based on that I have put together the following list that usually keeps me functioning.

When people lose productive time at work or home it is usually because of a problem they have encountered with the computer. Any time I see a computer problem it is usually related to one of the following items not being done. In order to be proactive we have this checklist. These functions can be taken care of in an automated fashion by signing up for our ActiveCare Complete Services. For a low monthly fee you can worry less about your computer issues.

Computer Maintenance Checklist

At system setup

  • Install an APC UPS
  • Register your software products
  • With registered products you will get notifications of updates and new features.

Schedule automated updates

  • Updates keep your security current so you don’t have to worry as much about hackers

Set up your email to auto-archive older messages

  • Archiving keeps your mail box smaller and helps it run faster

Install antivirus software

  • We prefer AVG and Vipre – these programs are light weight, effective, and check for updates at least every four hours

Install anti-advertising software

  • A good antivirus software today comes with this

Put your software drivers onto CD and check for new updates from the manufacturer every 6 months.


Run a disk scan and defragmentation program to check for hard drive issues

  • We use Auslogic Disk Defrag

Run a clean up to delete unneeded files

Back up your files to a remote location

  • Windows 7 has a great backup utility built in and this can be automated

Clean out your recycle bin

Delete your temporary internet files

Clear your browsing history

Delete your cookies

Run a full virus scan


  • Check for updates on all your software – not just Microsoft
  • Delete/uninstall unneeded or unused programs
  • These programs take up resources you may need for frequently used programs.


  • Clean your keyboard
  • Clean your monitor
  • Clean your peripherals
  • Change all your passwords


Renew your software update and antivirus subscriptions