Whenever we as humans use the computer, or go to a website, we expect it to just work. We expect the computer is going to turn on and boot flawlessly, that the webpage is going to open without problems. We expect our files to always be right where we left them at all times. We believe that to be a dangerous comfort zone, just like anything else in this world, everything decays, everything ages. It’s not an ‘If this will happen’, it’s a when.

Some of us may have a nagging in the back of our minds that we should back it up. For others, it may have never even crossed their minds. Thinking about it now, what would happen if all of a sudden all of your important files were now inaccessible? Documents, pictures from the past 5 years of your family, that school report due the next day.

There have been surveys done on what is known as World Backup Day (March 31st), that show 71.21% of people back up their systems to any degree, be it weekly, yearly or daily. That leaves nearly 30% of systems in the world not backed up to any degree.

Going back to what I said before, we just don’t expect things to go wrong, such as natural disasters, we don’t really expect them, lest you are in a high risk area. Now let’s not forget the smaller yet can be equally as devastating to a computer, viruses, hardware failure, and data corruption. These are just the tip of the iceberg of the possibilities. Some honorary mentions are spilled coffee on a laptop, dropped tower during a move, or a dropped laptop on the stairs.

The loss of these important files, could mean the loss of sentimental value. Or for the entrepreneur, a nail in the coffin in the right circumstances. The least that could happen for a company without any reliable back up can only be speculated upon to the damages, for example; all business critical data, or all customer information.

Picking Up The Pieces

Let’s say you’ve already gone through a mentioned scenario, and now you are left with a hard-drive that seems dead in the water. The best bet is to get into a recovery service and try to restore what is lost. Depending upon the scenario, there is a possibility that you may never be able to 100% recover what is lost, let alone the chance that you will be able to get 1% in some disaster scenarios.

Data Backup and Recovery Solution

The best solution for avoiding these types of scenarios when they do occur, is to get a remote backup solution. A remote back-up solution backs the data up to the cloud, not only locally. So for example, your computer/server backs up on a weekly basis, all of a sudden a fire breaks out. Now, not all is lost in terms of data, you have a backup stored a thousand miles away safely. ComTech’s ActiveCare ActiveBC/DR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) solution is a good avenue to at least start with, ComTech offers 3 options to best fit your needs, and all the options feature offsite storage.

Remote data backup services exist for both personal computer users and businesses of all sizes. Prices range from very reasonable to very expensive - based on how much storage you require and other factors. Prevention is the best medicine - give yourself peace of mind with a data backup insurance policy for your computer files.

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