It has been reported that even professional security researchers have been hacked. Poor password management has surpassed lack of antivirus protection as the biggest security concern.  Don’t let bad passwords cripple your business.  One bad, repetitive password can lead to someone hacking into many accounts.  ComTech recommends differentiating passwords between accounts, especially social vs. sensitive ones such as online banking. It seems obvious that passwords should be somewhat complex, but in reality we have seen the word "password" used!

We recommend not using any of these passwords….

Your child’s or pet’s name, possibly followed by a 0 or 1

The last 4 digits of your social security number

123 or 1234 or 123456


Your city, college, or sports team

Date of birth -yours, your partner’s or your child’s


"Letmein" (let me in)



If you or your employees have been using a generally weak password, do you have a backup plan?

Backups prevent against any single point of failure including accidental deletion, account hacking, server downtime, or missing documents.  Does your company have a backup plan?

If you’re not sure or have any questions, please give us a call.  254-770-1210