When I saw this I just needed to share.  I thought this was one of the coolest tips I had ever seen in awhile.  I have always hated logging on to RWW then selecting my workstation and connection.  I also have dual monitors and it has been great to be able to work from home exactly the way I work in the office.  It makes life easier and I can have a sick day and still be able to stay caught up at work.

1st verify you have the current certificate from RWW connection

Connect to https://remote.DOMAINNAME.com/remote

If you get a security page you do not have the certificate installed

Install the certificate after selecting continue and clicking on certificate error

If this does not work ask your Admin how to install the certificate on your workstation

Start Remote Desktop Connection

in Start\All Programs\Accessories\

Create a new RDP Connection setting the computer to your computer name on you domain.

Select the Options arrow

Select the Advanced Tab

Select the setting button

and insert your DOMAINNAME

then hit OK

If you are using multiple monitors at both location select the check box to “Use all my monitors for this remote session” on the Display Tab

Now you can connect to your desktop at the office from home without using RWW