Do you want to search a file on your computer but don’t remember the name of it? But if you remember the dates before and after the file was created or modified, then you can find it easily using a simple syntax in Windows 7 and Vista. In Windows XP you can use the Search Companion to search for files created or modified between two given dates. This tutorial will focus on Windows 7 and Windows Vista only.

Windows 7/Vista Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) is used to help users narrow or pin-point their searched results by applying some additional query syntax. Searches can also be narrowed by file type, file extension, date and other parameters. To find files created between two given dates, use the following syntax.

Files Created Between Two Dates

To find a file created between two dates, use the following syntax in Windows 7/Vista Search bar as shown in the screenshot.


Where you can change the date to any other date but the syntax should remain the same

Files Modified Between Two Dates

To search for a file modified between two dates, is the same as the above syntax but you have to replace Date operator with Modified operator.


You can change the date to any other date but the syntax should remain the same.

To Further Narrow Down The Search According To File Type

If you remember the file type you created or modified between two date than you can even further narrow down your search results by a syntax, for example if you are looking for a text file (.txt) then:

"modified:>11/17/2008 ext:.txt"

Or if you want to search files created between two dates with txt extension then:

"date:>11/14/2008<=11/17/2008 ext:txt"

I hope this tip will help someone recover his lost files. Enjoy !

Special thanks to Addictivetips