With tax season upon us in many countries it is that time where scammers try to take advantage of the situation and lead you to tax-related malicious links.

McAfee has seen a large number of emails purporting to be from Intuit, the company that makes QuickBooks bookkeeping software.

McAfee anti-spam products have been detecting and blocking these messages for quite some time, but the messages are so convincing that our own customers have been reporting the blocks to us as false-positives!

Also if a user should click on this link.  The SonicWall in place will block the site.

If your Site does not have McAfee Anti-Spam or a SonicWall Firewall please call us for more information.  254-770-1210


The spam reads:


Good afternoon,

With intent to guarantee that accurate information is being maintained on our systems, as well as to improve the quality of service we can provide to you; INTUIT INC. has taken part in the Internal Revenue Service [IRS] Name and TIN Matching Program.

For some reason your name and/or Taxpayer Identification Number, that is specified on your account is different from the information obtained from the IRS.

In order to check and correct the information on your account, please use the following link.

Yours sincerely,


Corporate Headquarters
2632 Marine Way
Mountain View, CA 94043