As more and more business is conducted online, more and more business opportunities are created due to the massive size of the internet. Companies like Amazon, Apple, and even Walmart are giants in e-commerce and their online revenues are continuing to soar. Last year, e-commerce raked in $680 billion worldwide. And on Black Friday alone, Amazon sold 32 items per second.
With the help of services like Facebook, Twitter, and email, companies are able to reach practically anybody on the internet – all 6.8 billion of them. Those pursuing an MBA will definitely need to consider the shear size of the internet when making their future business decisions. And the numbers behind the size of the internet are staggering. In fact, they’re almost unbelievable.

If you need need help controlling the information coming from your company please call us for a network assessment.  We also have Business Continuity solutions so you don’t loose the information you already have.
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