Managed WiFi Access Points featuring maximum speed, custom splash pages, and powerful long range antennas

Protect Your Data, Protect Your Business

Managed Wireless Access Points

Our full featured Access Points are high powered, fast, centrally managed, and easily deployed without a tech.Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points by ComTech

The perfect solution for WiFi hot spots in restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, and businesses of all kinds. We offer Custom Splash Page creation to meet your specific business needs with your hot spot such as brand marketing, advertising, terms of service agreements, and more.

Many of our clients request a Custom Splash Page that mimics the look and feel of their current website extending their brand image to their customers. Our managed Access Points have many advanced features including: custom logging, reporting, and pay per use options. Contact us for more information on the WiFi solution that will best meet your business needs.

Each Access Point is easily installed and requires no configuration or setup - our cloud service handles management and monitoring. Access Points are rated for Indoor and Outdoor use with a high power transmitter for greater range and speeds compared to other wireless routers and Access Points on the market today. Enjoy faster network speeds with the latest WiFi technology.

If you need more than a WiFi hotspot our Access Points have advanced capabilities that can be utilized for extending wireless computer networks at your business without network wires using mesh technology.

Contact us today to find out how our Access Points can help your business with customized WiFi hotspots or private wireless networking.

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