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  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Network Management
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Office 365 Migration

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  • 24/7 Services
  • Intelligent Server Monitoring 
  • Preventative Maintenance
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ActiveCare™ for Desktops is the hassle free solution for end users.

Get Back to Doing What You Do Best.

Business is increasingly dependent on technology while end user frustration and downtime directly impacts profitability. Let us take away the worry, frustration, and considerable costs of managing your IT Environment with 24/7 remote monitoring and management.

ActiveCare™ for Desktops is an unobtrusive preventative maintenance and management service that works in the background to handle the most troublesome areas of end user computer management including: spyware, malware, viruses, security, and update management.

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ActiveCare™ for Servers is the Comprehensive Solution for Your Business' Critical Servers

A Complete 24x7 server management solution, including active monitoring, troubleshooting, remediation, and routine maintenance.

ComTech engineers use alerts and early warning information received from the ActiveCare™ monitoring software to effectively prevent issues. Engineers also manage and resolve troubleshooting requests should they arise to keep your business in business.

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Is Your Critical Data Protected?

When disaster strikes, seconds counts. Taking days to recover information or get systems up and running translates into money lost.

Meet the game changer - the ActiveBC/DR:

ActiveCare-BDR Front View

Our ActiveBC/DR (Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery) solution backs up your critical data and servers then restores data or creates a virtual replacement server to recover, within minutes, from a disaster so your business continues as if nothing happened. 

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ActiveCare™ Network Management

A complete solution to install, configure, upgrade, monitor, maintain, secure, and troubleshoot your computer network.

ComTech engineers maintain a 24/7 watch over your entire network environment using alerts and early warning information to identify and prevent problems, increase reliability, and most importantly keep your network environment secure.

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ActiveCare™ Mobile Device Management 

Mobile Device Management

Take Control of Mobile Devices Used for Your Business.

Our centralized managed service provides end-to-end management for all of your mobile devices including: Laptops, Netbooks, Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone), Android (phone, tablet), Kindle Fire, Windows and Blackberry Smartphones, and other Devices. Our proven cloud-based solution integrates easily with all of the mobile devices used in your business whether they are company issued or employee provided. Save money and ensure peace of mind in the event a phone is lost, stolen, or an employee leaves the company with Mobile Device Management.

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ActiveCare™ Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Streamline your Migration.

ActiveCare™ Office 365 Migration Enables the migration of all enterprise messaging systems to Microsoft Office 365.

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Network Analysis

Know your network and its devices. Know they are secure.

A ComTech Network Analysis can answer the questions you have about your network. We offer a Free Network Analysis and a Full Network Analysis based on the following scan criteria:

  • Active Directory Analysis
  • User Analysis
  • Web Server Discovery
  • Mail Server Discovery
  • Time Server Discovery 
  • Network Share Discovery
  • Major Application Discovery
  • System Event Log Analysis 
  • Domain Controller Event Log Analysis
  • Non Active Directory Network Discovery
  • Microsoft SQL Server Analysis
  • Password Strength Analysis
  • Internet Domain Analysis
  • Internet Bandwidth Speed Test
  • External Security Analysis

Free Network Analysis:

Our Free Network Analysis, a $300 value, will discover and analyze your systems, users, servers, and devices connected to your network. The Analysis Results Report includes a security risk score and a summary of issues found, internet speed results, discovered assets, user analysis, and system storage space. 

Full Network Analysis:

Going a step further our Full Network Analysis provides in depth detailed information of all scan results. The Analysis Results Report includes not only a summary of the results but also itemized discovery results and in depth detail of the analysis results. Our Full Network Analysis is perfect for identifying and documenting everything about your networks current state. Knowing is the first step to securing, repairing, and optimizing your network and its devices.

The more you know about your network the better it can function and efficiently be documented, maintained, secured, and scaled up or down in size. Contact Us today to get your Free Network Analysis.



Microsoft Office 365


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FREE Network Analysis

FREE Network ScanGet a risk score and results summary.

A $300 Value!

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