Computer Repair

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Computer Repair

Your organization depends on functioning computers.

ComTech can make sure that all your computer equipment is functioning to its highest potential. There are times that equipment no longer works or becomes out dated, in those instances we have a large line of new equipment that can be ordered specifically for your organization.

Our technicians are prepared to repair most brands of computers, and a huge variety of operating systems ranging from Windows 9x to Windows 7, and also including Microsoft's line of Server Operating Systems.

We offer a full range of computer repair services including:Computer Repair

  • Operating Systems and Software upgrades
  • Hardware upgrades and repairs include:
    • Memory (RAM)
    • CD/DVD-RW installation
    • Sound/Video card installation
    • Laptop LCD and inverter repair
    • Motherboard repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Personal customization for accessibility or other needs 
  • Computer Infection / Virus removal and Antivirus Installation
  • Printer setup and maintenance
  • Networking setup
  • Back-Up Systems
  • System tune-up and optimization for faster performance
  • System restoration

Our repair services are available as your needs dictate, even on an Emergency Basis, with 24-hour and rush service as well as Phone and Online support available (additional charges may apply for expedited service).

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