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ActiveCare Services

You know technology infrastructure is the key to your success, but how much time do you have to devote to it? It's time to recognize that your attention needs to be on your mission, not your infrastructure. At ComTech Computer Services, Inc., we provide the technology to ensure your business keeps running so you can focus on your... business!

Data Back-up & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data protected

How Secure is your network?

Where is your data stored and how redundant is it?

Would the loss of physical location wipe you out? Data loss can happen through human error, hardware failure, software issues, power failure, or natural disasters. You don't have the time or expertise to anticipate every crisis, but we do! We offer robust data back-up and disaster recovery solutions so you never have to worry about costly data loss.

Office 365 Services

If you are avoiding getting on the cloud, Microsoft's Office 365 is the right solution for you. Office 365 brings you the benefits of the cloud in the familiar Office environment. We offer complete Office 365
services including installation, training, support and service. You can also choose the solution that works best for you from our Small Business, Midsize or Enterprise Packages.

Implement Office 365 with us today and see the following benefits:


Market conditions today demand every business to be competitive. For SMBs, there are all the more reason to be so - you have tight budgets and tighter timelines. in such cases, doesn't it make more sense to invest your resources in areas that matter the most? Then why not start doing that today with Virtualization of your servers?

Virtualization offers a great way to save on your rising IT costs by ensuring that you only pay for what you use. Virtualization offers you reliable, secure, and efficient storage solutions at lower costs. Why invest in heavy duty servers when you will only use a part of them?

Robert Vander Meiden

Robert Vander Meiden

Friday, 18 August 2017 00:00

What you need to know about malware

You’ve all heard of viruses, spyware, ransomware and trojans. But did you know that they’re all types of malware? They’re all designed to ruin your digital life, but different types of malware put your computer at risk in different ways. Understanding what sets them apart can keep your business guarded.

Even the smallest business isn’t immune from the threat of cybercrime. Are you doing enough to protect your business from becoming a victim?  

Computer & Network Security

The ransomware panic caused by WannaCry and Petya affected tens of thousands of computers throughout the world. However, these attacks were just one part of the latest wave of an ever-increasing number of sophisticated cybercrimes that companies are being forced to deal with every day.

Microsoft 365 is the new package Microsoft is offering, and it includes a little of everything: Here’s why it can appeal to more companies, and just what you get.

Microsoft 365

We know you may be tired of yet another Microsoft term to remember: The company likes its names, and figuring out how Azure, OneDrive, SharePoint, O365, Teams and more all relate to each other can be a challenge. But here’s a name that you should keep in mind – Microsoft 365.

The technological resources that your small business uses on a daily basis are more than just “tools” in the traditional sense. In many ways, they’re the very foundation from which your 21st-century operations are built.

  • IT is how you communicate with your clients, guaranteeing that you can perform the type of work that meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.
  • It’s how your employees communicate with one another, and come together to form something much more powerful than any one of them could have on their own.
  • It’s also how you address the challenges of today while getting ready for the demands of tomorrow—Carving out a competitive advantage for your business that will carry you through into the next decade and beyond.

Do you use a wired or wireless connection to access and transmit data? You may not think that it matters which you use, but it does.

Network Cabling

When businesses set up, upgrade or relocate their data systems, they have a significant decision to make—What data can be accessed via a wireless connection, and what needs to be relegated to an Ethernet connection? To make an informed decision, it’s important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Friday, 11 August 2017 00:00

Benefits of Using Office 365 for Business

From strong security to seamless integration and even unprecedented mobile access, Microsoft Office 365 has plenty to offer your business.  

Office 365 for Business

Office 365 offers some clear advantages for business, whether you need to boost your collaborative abilities, improve mobile access or only want to be sure your data stays secure. Learning about this innovative, easy to use the suite of software can help you decide if it is a good fit for your organization. If you already use Office 365, learning more about your options can ensure you make the most of this scalable, flexible business solution.

Boutique corporate outsourcing is on the rise: Here’s why that’s great news for small local companies.

boutique IT services

There’s an important, growing trend in the outsourcing industry: A move toward outsourcing locally by partnering with local firms that are specifically looking to support small and expanding businesses in the same community. This tends to make people feel better about outsourcing (since it’s still local in nature and helping two businesses in the same economic pool), while also giving small and mid-sized businesses access to managed services that they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to use. Here’s why that matters.

Data solutions can bring needed change to NPOs: Here’s why a managed services provider is the answer.

Nonprofit IT services

One of the most annoying things for nonprofit organizations is finding that their real goals – their mission statements – keep getting obstructed by the small mountains of day-to-day work. For the NPOs that were particularly anxious to make a difference, this is continually frustrating, and anything that can reduce time spent on shuffling data is a godsend. Good news! Using managed services (partnering with an external company for application and data management) is just such a solution. It can save time, get you back to the basics, and – well, just take a look at the all the advantages an NPO can realize when partnering with a data services provider.

Pitching your accounting firm to clients doesn’t have to be boring. You can radically adjust your accounting firm’s image through new cloud-based technologies.

Let’s face it: it’s difficult to make an accounting firm exciting. At best you can usually hope for “stable and trustworthy.” But when differentiating yourself from the competition, you really want a “wow” factor. You just need to figure out how to introduce that into spreadsheets and depreciation schedules. And that’s where technology comes in. Few things get people as hyped today as “the cloud.” By using the cloud, you can position your accounting firm as modern, technologically advanced, and cost-effective.

Accounting Cloud Computing

The Future of Accounting Is On the Cloud

What’s your ransomware and phishing risk? If you have employees, you won’t know, unless you test your team to see exactly how they react when faced with a suspicious emai or voicemail.  

Ransomware and malware make headlines every day, with massive data losses and high costs. Everyone from the FBI to the IRS issue regular warnings to both individuals and business about the dangers of phishing and how hackers use phishing to deliver the malware that puts you at risk. While regular security updates and other measures can help protect you, your loyal, hardworking employees are actually your biggest risk when it comes to phishing.

Business Risk

A full 91% of business data breaches all start the same way – an employee falls for a spear-phishing attack and the resulting malware rapidly spreads through the entire company network. Why do so many employees fall for phishing scams – and how can you tell if your business is at risk? Employee education and threat detection testing are key to preventing an outbreak of ransomware or data loss in your organization. Learning more about phishing, including the latest spear-phishing methods, and using simulated phishing testing can help you discover where your own risk lies and allows you to take prompt action to protect your business.

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