Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions about ActiveCare™

How can my business save money by using the ActiveCare™ Solution?

Unpredictable IT costs place a real burden on your business. The ActiveCare™ Solution gives you predictable, monthly IT expenses by eliminating the costs of upgrades, monitoring, patching and operations of your infrastructure. We give you the flexibility to choose from three scalable plans ActiveCare™ Monitor, ActiveCare™ Manage and ActiveCare™ Complete. You pick the plan that is right for you. This allows you to redirect IT resources, reduce unanticipated support costs and plan your expenses accurately. For a complete cost analysis, contact ComTech Sales at (254) 770-1210. You'll be surprised at how much we can reduce your current IT spending.

Why should my business choose the ActiveCare™ Solution over hosting?

The greatest advantage ComTech has over hosting is that if our network or your Internet Service Provider’s network goes down, your systems are still operational.  Because the servers reside at each company’s premises, the only thing lost during an outage is monitoring and remote backups. ComTech will be immediately notified of such an outage and will help restore the network.  The ActiveCare™ solution also includes many of the benefits of hosting, such as security and server monitoring, remote storage of data and fixed monthly fees but for significantly lower cost.

What if my business already has an IT staff?  

More than a third of all businesses using the SAAZ solution also employ a part-time or full-time IT staff.  By eliminating the necessity to work on low-level, repetitive, non-strategic tasks, the ActiveCare™ solution frees your staff to focus on long-term strategic technology objectives, such as:

  • Intranet portal services for employees
  • Extranet portal services for customers
  • Line of business applications
  • Employee technical training
  • Database development and management
  • Application performance reporting
  • Management of digital dashboards
  • Web site development and management
  • Aligning IT goals with long-term vision of the management team
  • Professional training and certifications The ActiveCare™ Solution provides a solid foundation for these initiatives and allows your company to maximize its IT investment.

How does ComTech handle backups?

Backups are continual and managed remotely.  All data is stored locally and remotely sent to the ComTech data center in AZ and MD. The initial monthly fee includes 30/60 GB of remote storage, and additional storage is available for an added fee. ComTech can retrieve customer files from up to 30 days prior to the last backup and this window can be extended for an additional fee.  

What kind of hardware is included with the ComTech solution?  

ComTech does not provide the hardware; however, we will work with you to choose hardware from any tier one vendor. We can assist in setting up lease programs to make your upfront costs minimal. ComTech’s only requirement is your equipment be under an approved maintenance agreement or have a qualified parts program.

What kind of software is included with the ComTech solution?

ComTech provides software from Microsoft, SAAZ, Symantec, BitDefender, Sunbelt and many more. ComTech provides a very robust software and support platform for small businesses to grow on. The specific software will depend upon the requirements of the customer.  

Do we need a disaster and recovery plan?  

The ComTech ActiveBDR solves most IT-related disaster and recovery problems. In the event of a disaster, such as theft or fire or other acts of nature, ComTech can build a new server with your most recent data and have it on your premises within 24 hours. Customers will still need to plan for desktops and other business specific processes.

If we accidentally delete a file, how will ComTech restore it?

Simply call the Help Desk and a support representative will restore it over the phone. Or, you can send requests via email.

How safe is our data?

The ComTech data center is a new state-of-the-art facility that includes:

  • 24x7 card key access, biometric palm scans 
  • 24-hour on-site staffed NOC (Network Operations Center) and security staff 
  • Intercoms, security cameras, pin code with picture IDs
  • Closed-circuit television and video monitoring & permanent recording to DVD
  • Multiple AC unites to keep environment at a constant temperature and humidity
  • Multiple power delivery units
  • Multiple UPS
  • Backup generator
  • Battery backups with chargers
  • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Automatic
  • Throw-Over (ATO) to switch between Public Service grid and generator
  • Multiple Power Delivery Units (PDU)
  • VESDA smoke detection
  • FM200 Fire Suppression—Two-stage pre-action dry pipe sprinkler system

How often are the server and software updated?

Under the ActiveCare™ Manage and ActiveCare™ Complete plans the server software is updated every time an update is release according to the published service level.

How are patches and service packs applied?

Service packs and software updates are applied after ComTech fully tests each one in the lab. All updates are performed after business hours or according to the customer’s schedule.

Do we need an Internet connection?

Yes – the ActiveCare™ solution requires a broadband (DSL or Cable) or better connection.  If you don’t have a broadband connection, ComTech can install one for an additional fee.

What are the contract terms?

The term of the contract is 36 months. Both parties have the option to cancel with a 60-day cancellation notice. Specific terms will be in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

What if we decide to cancel the service?

ComTech will simply terminate the service, remove the services from the server or transfer the services to the customer. Certain prepaid items may be required to be paid to ComTech. Our intention is to make it very simple for you to enter or leave a ActiveCare™ commitment.